Can I run the business part time?

Yes, you can run the business as a part time or full time business. Obviously, if you run the business part time, it will take longer to achieve your target revenues.

What qualifications do I need to become part of BCM?

You do not need any specific qualifications to run the business our people come from many different backgrounds. We do however suggest that if you come from an executive or management background, or if you run your own business, or if you come from a family business background, that any of these would be very suitable backgrounds for this business.

Can I purchase a Master Franchise for my country?

Yes you may. However, we suggest you do the business yourself for some time before you consider a Master Franchise. It is important that you yourself know the business and have some real experience before you consider a Master Franchise option.

Can I customize my business in line with my local requirements?

Yes this is your business and, while we train you in a proven business model, you may still feel the need to modify the model slightly in line with local conditions.

Can I do joint ventures with other BCM offices?


Will BCM continue to enhance and upgrade materials, literature and templates?

Yes this is a continuous program whereby we will always continue to improve. You can obtain the latest version of all items from the BCM Intranet site.

Will I need to hire staff?

Only if you want to. Some people want to have staff some people prefer to work by themselves and simply subcontract such tasks as computer data entry as and when required.

If I take on staff, can BCM train these people also?


How long is the Training course?

The Training Course normally takes Seven days and can be done online. However, if more time is needed, then we will allow that time at no additional cost. We want you to be fully trained before you start the business.

What happens when the Training Course is complete?

After the Training Course is complete, we will continue to support you in all aspects of the business. No matter what you need assistance with, we are there to help you.

What is your privacy policy?

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