Training Summary

  • 1. Description of BCM Business

  • Overall summary of the service offered by BCM to its clients, what the market is, where the ‘sweet spots’ are, etc.
  • 2. Setting Up Your Business

  • Do you need to be a sole trader or a limited company? Do you need employees? What office equipment do you need?
  • 3. Client Acquisition Methods

  • BCM has 10 different methods of client acquisition (not all of equal importance!). Which ones do you start with, which ones do you use going forward, trial runs of sales presentations, client meetings etc.
  • 4. Audit Analysis Techniques

  • How to conduct client audits and analysis of the various categories for savings in a clinical and efficient way, how not to waste time on categories that will not produce results.
  • 5. Savings Identification Category by Category

  • Approximately 40 categories explained in terms of what they are and also specifically where and how to find savings in those categories.
  • 6. Client Reports

    Structure of Client Reports and how to present the Report to the Client.

  • 7. Follow Up Auditing

  • How to conduct the Follow Up Auditing process at client premises.
  • 8. Client Invoicing

  • Invoicing templates and processes for client billing.
  • 9. Implementation of Recommendations

  • Process for ensuring that recommendations made by BCM really do happen.
  • 10. Client Communications

  • How to handle communications with the client and how to ensure that a positive client relationship continues to exist on an ongoing future basis.
  • 11. Ongoing Monitoring of Savings

  • How to ensure that results actually happen and how to take corrective action if not.
  • 12. Financial Management of Your Business

  • How to manage your business finances, cashflow and profit extraction.

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