11 signs that you should change your career path

Most of us spend the significant proportion of our waking hours either at work or carrying out work-related duties outside of the workplace. To live an all-around happy life, one must be content in their role. Many people debate whether or not they should change their career paths but remain unhappy merely because they are […]

11 Reasons you should set up your own business

We have all heard the predictable arguments telling us why we should not go into business: your business might fail, you could go into debt, you will have to work very hard at the start. For the good of humanity, there always remains a brave few who insist they want to pursue their dreams, despite […]

Dramatic Leaving the Job

Thinking about buying a franchise? Should you quit your job or not?

If you are thinking to buy a franchise, you probably still have a few doubts or questions about the idea, considering that it is such a big step. You might be debating whether it is a wise idea to sacrifice your current job to focus on the franchise. Some people will advise you to quit […]

Jacqueline Lee

Phone: (Mobile) +65 90255217, (Office) +65 68093072 Email: Address: Level 26-03 PSA Building. 460 Alexandra Road, Singapore 119963 Country: Singapore BCM Cost Reduction is based in Singapore and provides cost management services to small, medium to large sized businesses. BCM identifies cost savings by thorough analysis of overheads and supplies, investigation of non-competitive rates, […]

Mikael Novaky

Phone: +358 40 582 8413 Email: Address: Metsolankatu 1, 15140 Lahti, Country: Finland About Me: I have a wealth of hands-on experience impacting corporate performance, delivering savings and improving profitability through expert procurement & sourcing operations in different industries and categories from ICT to MRO and services, from Packaging to Facility management. I am […]

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