Client Case Studies

tickpurple Worldwide Exporter of Food Products A corrugated box was used to transport the product. Savings of 50,000 per annum were identified by negotiating price reductions with suppliers and by the specification of an alternative box design.
tickpurple High Street Retailer of Ornamental Products Savings of 50% were identified on the printing of brochures and other marketing materials by negotiations with suppliers and the reduction of the supplier base from 7 printing suppliers to 2.
tickpurple Manufacturing Company Freight and transport costs reduced by 30% by analysis of freight traffic patterns, working with supplier base and implementation of routing orders instructing suppliers to use specified freight agents with whom trade prices had been agreed.
tickpurple Large Hotel Installation of heating boiler controller which reduced fuel consumption by an average of 15%.
tickpurple Manufacturing Company Savings of 50,000 per annum by identification of more cost effective suppliers for use in distribution network.
tickpurple Government Agency Savings of 500,000 in communication costs and electricity.
tickpurple Manufacturing Company Savings of 15,000 per annum by identification of alternative tariff structure with electricity supply company.
tickpurple Insurance Company Savings of 28% on office supplies through negotiation of better discount rates with local supplier.