The BCM Management Franchise

Franchise Information

Cost Reduction

BCM reduces the cost of supplies and overheads for medium to large sized businesses. Profits are lost in these cost categories and BCM experts are very proficient at uncovering non competitive rates, supplier overcharges, waste, lack of control, process improvements, etc.

Business Franchising

Has your business moved beyond the start up stage? If so, you should think about franchising your business either nationally or internationally. This is a fast and cash flow positive way to expand. BCM are franchising experts.

eTendering Services

BCM provides this service mainly for state and semi-state bodies. Such bodies are required to abide by procurement guidelines that ensure transparency, value for money and fairness in all state procurement projects.

Revenue Growth

BCM grows revenues for small to medium sized businesses. SMEs
generally have difficulty growing revenues through lack of resources or lack of expertise. BCM provides both and typically will DOUBLE your business revenues over the course of our engagement.

Cost Management Franchise

If you come from an executive background or have an existing business then start a new era in your life and contact BCM now!

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White Collar Franchise

As a BCM white collar Franchise Associate, you will be providing this service in your country to your own clients with full backup and support from BCM. Typically, you will be achieving savings of 25% to 40% for your client in these categories.

Your client fee from providing this service will be 50% of the savings e.g. if you save your client $50,000 your fee will be $25,000, if you save your client $100,000 your fee is $50,000, if you save your client $200,000 your fee is $100,00 and so on.